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 Rules and aggrements.. YOU MUST READ!!

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PostSubject: Rules and aggrements.. YOU MUST READ!!   Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:25 am

These rules are the rules for the Tunas Muda's Forum!
So please read it and don't ever against the rules.. Evil or Very Mad

1. These elements are not allowed :
-peer to peer link exchange (edonkey, emule, bittorrent…),
-sexual elements,
-elements having royalties.
Warning if you say so.. Twisted Evil

2.When you want to give (on a website, a forum, an email, via MSN, ICQ... in a word : everywhere) the URL address of your forum, a topic, a message, be sure that the part of the address which contains 'sid=582c4678011cbd97139689c8' is never indicated.

To summarize :
If you have to give addresses like :

Always use :

Example : IF you use a proxy, and someone who uses the same proxy than you (in this case, your IP adddresses are the same) clicks on the link containing the 'sid=582c4678011cbd97139689c8', he will be logged in under your username.

3.It's quite obvious... never give your password to someone who's asking you.
If you can't do anything, this support forum is made for this. And every problem can find its solution without giving your password.

4. Have Fun!
You are on this forum to relax and chat, so we ask you to have fun inside, and NO FLOOD or JUNK PLEASE! lol!
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Rules and aggrements.. YOU MUST READ!!
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